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 It is designed in such a way that it takes up the least amount of space possible, and the lean design with minimum equipment makes for a very affordable product. This leads to a short Return on Investment (RoI) even in countries with lower salary levels. Of course, only the highest quality components have been used to guarantee the highest possible technical reliability and availability, for which CSi is known.

The combined i-Pal and stretch wrapper removes the need for pallet trucks, AGV’s or pallet conveyor systems used to bring pallets to centrally positioned stretch wrapping units.  The concept brings not only extra savings but also guarantees an increase in OEE. Moreover, there is the guarantee of a stable pallet load directly at the end of the packaging function. The i-Pal is already a highly successful product. Its fully modular and plug & play design allows each customer to configure the palletiser fully to its own needs and with this new feature, manufacturers of FMCG can now increase their productivity even further. In the meantime, CSi will continue to develop and upgrade the i-Pal platform to expand its functionality and lower its cost price.