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Welcome to CSi's world of product handling and palletising

CSi’s i-Pal is a compact, modular palletizing unit which includes a spherical robot and inlet/outlet pallet conveyors installed on a skid. With its universal gripper, the i-Pal can handle a very wide range of products and stacking patterns with rates of up to 20 cases per minute.

JBT’s JayBoT automatic guided vehicle (AGV) provides fully-automated pallet movement for simple applications without the complexity and cost of a centralized system manager and communications network.  The JayBoT AGV communicates directly with equipment such as CSi’s i-Pal, or other JayBoTs – a major breakthrough in AGV technology.  Direct communication allows the i-Pal to “tell” the JayBoT to initiate a pallet exchange, remove a completed pallet, and deliver an empty pallet without a centralized system manager.

The integrated i-Pal/JayBoT solution offers customers 1. the highest quality palletized loads 2. lower cost vs manual fork trucks or fixed pallet conveyors that interrupt traffic flow in your facility, improved safety and reduced product damage 3. higher productivity so that personnel can be assigned to tasks that add real value to their products.

CSi and JBT also supply custom palletizers and centrally managed AGV systems for larger, more complex end-of-line applications.