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Welcome to CSi's world of product handling and palletising

The palletising industry for many years has been dealing with every palletising project as a unique event. Dedicated consultancy, system engineering, product engineering and project management were necessary to define and realize the solution. And building one-off pieces of equipment is a challenging job. Each time engineering issues are discovered, the supply chain has to be organized in a different way, production and assembly have to work with new components and testing is labour intensive. And don’t underestimate the time that is required for installation and commissioning of bespoke systems. CSi has mastered this challenge and is able to manage the project-based production process professionally and efficiently. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement. By standardising sub-assemblies and using them in a modular concept fully customizable solutions can be realised, but the risks and inefficiencies of bespoke projects are eliminated. With one big step lead time is reduced and many cost elements are eliminated. CSi has been working continuously since 2005 on improving standardisation and modularisation and is now ready to take that big step. Within the concept of the new CSi dedicated palletising assembly hubs, the complete supply chain of palletisers is organised according to the modularity of the equipment. In assembly cells the complete flow of material and people is optimized to reduce costs and throughput time. Moreover, this cell based production concept enables CSi to create assembly hubs at numerous sites worldwide. Next to already having a production centre in Romania, this year CSi is opening a main Palletising Application Centre in Romania and a second hub in China for the Asian market. In the meantime the next hub is already being created in Mexico to serve the Americas from 2016.