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The lower the investment, the easier the Return-on-Investment decision is and the shorter the pay-back time. Space is always tight at the end of the production or packaging line and a machine with a smaller footprint leaves space for other activities and provides a safer working environment. CSi has developed a variant in its CSi i-Pal robot palletiser family to address both of these key issues. The investment level makes the palletiser very affordable. Modularisation and assembly in low cost environments around the world, make it the most competitive piece of equipment in its class. And although the footprint of the standard CSi i-Pal is already quite small, with the Panenka infeed/outfeed mechanism (patent pending) even more space is saved in the palletising cell. The footprint of the new CSi i-Pal Panenka is no more than 2.36 m wide by 5.76 m long as it needs only one pallet position. This is achieved by lifting the full pallet and transporting the empty pallet underneath. Thus infeed and outfeed conveyors are in the same place, reducing the necessary space for pallet conveying by 50%. It also does not jeopardise other important features of the robotic palletiser such as fully automatic pallet infeed and outfeed, capacities of up to 30 cases per minute, use of layer sheets and integrated labelling.