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CSi wins Dutch Romanian Business Award 2011

CSi is already known for many years as the leading supplier of material handling solutions to the producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. In 2005 CSi started to build its own production facility in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Today the Romanian organisation has grown to a level of almost 200 employees. Using the high and stringent quality policies of the CSi Group they produce, assemble and test a wide variety of equipment for material handling systems. Its sister company, AlphaLas, succesfully delivers complex machines and components to several third party customers.

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Unique offer: used palletisers

Until now there was hardly any possibility for second hand trade of palletising solutions. One could buy and sell used conveyors and other logistics components via intermediate trade. However, now www.2ndlifematerialhandling.com has been launched. This website offers the opportunity to buy, trade in or sell used palletising equipment of good quality. The machines and installations of high value suppliers often stay longer in use than their economic life cycle. Moreover they sometimes are superfluous because of adjustments in production lines or termination of the production. Now there is an opportunity to bring them back to trade so they can at least generate some value.

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Next generation Scada software in logistics

CSi developed several major improvements in its SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software. E.g. nowadays SCADA can also be used for maintenance reporting. Running times of drives, planned periodical maintenance of crucial components and all sorts of other maintenance related data can be used to advise the operator and the maintenance crew. This enhances further system availability and reduces unplanned stoppages. Error analysis and maintenance engineering can be executed much more efficient by using the SCADA output.

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Building of production facility in Romania

CSi Romania, member of the CSi group with headquarters in Raamsdonksveer, the Netherlands, decided to start legal procedures, preceding the building of a production facility in Cluj Napoca, 18 Muncii Blvd.

CSi Romania runs its activity in a rented space since 2005. Its main activity consists of construction of intelligent material handling systems. From basic industrial operations like laser cutting, precision welding and powder coating to more complex operations in the domain of industrial software and automation, CSi Romania has become a leader in Transylvania in this field. The competitiveness of CSi Romania is noticeable regarding not only technology, but also the quality and sophistication of products. The CSi group is known for the reliability and robustness of its systems which are installed world wide with the market leaders in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. 

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Order for complex pallet transport system

CSi, the Dutch supplier of intelligent product handling systems, is making sure that one of her clients in France is able to increase her output capacity to 770 pallets by the hour. And that for 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The client is one of the largest producers in the world for fast moving consumer goods and in particular of Fabric and Home Care products, The value of the order amounts to about 6 million euros. The complete project will be delivered this year.

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