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Easy Clean i-Pal

In 2006 CSi launched the i-Pal system, a standardised robot cell consisting of a spherical robot mounted on a skid, together with pallet conveyors and a pickpoint. This extremely compact palletiser, offered on a lease contract, has proven to be very popular with our customers who appreciate the flexible financing possibilities it provides and its ease of installation. To date 40 i-Pals are currently on lease around Europe providing cost benefits to some of Europe’s leading food and drink manufacturers. The i-Pal has evolved and is now available for applications where cleaning, in relation to food hygiene legislation, is required. 

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New robotcell for mixed palletising

Efficient distribution networks rely on the ability of production or picking processes to optimise the number of products loaded onto pallets, dollies or in roll cages. However, this can be extremely challenging when there is a range of products having different sizes, all being palletised on the same pallet. These pallets are normally hand-stacked by operators working from pick lists and, due to the inaccuracy of stacking and inadequate planning, pallets tend to be under utilised and the stacking inaccurate.

Utilising state of the art robotic techniques and specially written software, CSi with its Head Office in Raamsdonksveer (Netherlands), has created one of the most advanced picking and palletising systems in Europe. 

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Blanks stacking at 450 metres per minute

For more than 30 years CSi has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of blanks handling equipment, in particular for liquids and tobacco blanks. CSi provides innovative solutions for stacking, packing and palletising, where blanks are taken directly from the printing lines. CSi has always been successful in handling products with the highest possible system availability, precise positioning and stacking at extreme high speeds. Now CSi successfully developed and installed a new blanks stacking and palletising solution at one of the leading manufacturers of liquid packages. 

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100 Taros palletisers sold in 2 years!

More than one hundred Taros palletising machines have been ordered from Ivanhoe and CSi since its introduction in 2006 - and the success is continues! “Of course we expected success,” says Jan de Bruijn, CEO of CSi, “but frankly its achievement has exceeded our expectations. Our customers tend to be the most demanding in the world due to their 24/7 production requirements, but feedback suggests that Taros is also exceeding their expectations.”

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i-Pal wins European patent

Since its launch at Interpack in 2005 a small revolution has taken place in the way many customers finance their palletising solutions. As a ‘lease only’ concept, CSi’s i-Pal has provided many customers with a unique opportunity to automate the palletisation of their products. Based on a standard spherical robot, delivered and installed within 24hours, i-Pal remains one of the simplest and quickest ways for small to medium sized companies to take their first steps into the realms of automatic palletising. 

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