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The most space-efficient and affordable palletiser

The CSi i-Pal 100 P has arrived, and now has two new features. Firstly it can be installed and up and running in 2 days for no more than €80,000 and secondly, its maximum width is 2.36 metres. Two factors are of crucial importance when selecting an automatic palletiser: how low is the investment and does it fit in my factory?

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CSi enters the USA

CSi is one of the largest manufacturers of palletising and conveying equipment in the world and from its head office in the Netherlands and its production hub in Romania, exports more than 60% of its products outside of the European Union. Although CSi has conducted business with several American companies over many years, it did not have local presence in the USA. The time has come, therefore, for CSi to enter the American market and as of 1st November CSi’s Sales and Services organisation will be open, based in Chalfont (Pennsylvania), to provide sales and service for the entire USA.

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CSi takes its safety management to a next level

Safety at work has always been a priority for CSi and in order to complete projects in the manufacturing / warehouse environment, rigorous safety policies must be in place.  We serve many international manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and the ongoing challenge is to meet their increasingly stringent safety standards.   

But it is not enough to just state that you are working safely.  In order to fully comply with safety management systems and independent external auditing, we are forced with each project to continually advance to the next level of safety.

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Cell-based production of palletisers reduces leadtime by 50%

With the opening of dedicated Palletising Application Centres, CSi reduces the delivery time of palletising equipment from 4-8 months to only 8-10 weeks.

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Affordable, Robotic End-of-Line Palletizer/AGV Solution

CSi and JBT are pleased to announce that the i-Pal palletizer can be integrated with the JBT JayBoT AGV to deliver a fully-automated, affordable end-of-line solution for producers of fast moving consumer goods.

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