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Robot Palletising

Spherical robot palletiser

These applications can consist of either robots mounted on a gantry, capable of travelling across production lines, or an orbital robot capable of turning from case conveyor pick-points to specific palletising positions for each product entering the robot cell. Some robot installations are able to palletise up to 3 or 4 products at once and provide compact solutions for slow to medium speed palletising applications. An orbital robot can achieve around 6-8 cycles per minute and depending upon on the number of products being picked at any one time, can achieve quite high palletising rates.

Due to the various CSi gripper designs available, robots offer a highly flexible palletising solution and when speeds permit, a multi-functional gripper head can de-stack pallets ready for palletising, palletise products in the correct configuration and also apply bottom sheet, top sheets and layer pads.


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