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40% less time on site for conveyor installation

Time studies in a pilot project have proven that it is possible to reduce the time on site, for installation and commissioning of conveyors, with at least 40%. Thus reducing project cost on the one hand and disturbances of the customer process on the other. CSi has been actively working on solutions to minimize the time for I&C and has now made the first steps to reap the benefits.

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No need for programming through proprietary robot languages any longer

CSi is introducing the third robot brand on its palletising platform ‘i-Pal’. It is now also possible to order the i-Pal with a Yaskawa robot. The cooperation is very logical: Yaskawa is one of the largest producers of robots worldwide and CSi is one of the largest global producers of palletising solutions. For CSi, it was very easy to add the Yaskawa robot due to the platform’s unique level of modularisation.

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Case picking drones at Interpack

Already many years CSi is the most innovative company in the world of material handling in production environments. At the Interpack visitors will be surprised with the newest developments. CSi will show a drone picking and placing cases! 

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Palletiser with state of the art design

In over 200 applications all over the world the CSi TAROS palletiser has proven itself during the last 10 years. But after all these years it was ready for an upgrade like never seen before. Therefore we gave it a brand new design representing the technological sophistication of the machine. In comparison with robotic palletisers in the market it houses much more technical complexity.

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Global roll-out of Palletising Application Centres

On 5 October CSi already opens its third Palletising Application Centre (CSi PAC). After Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Foshan, China now Querétaro, Mexico will be added. With its headquarters still in the Netherlands CSi is expanding its presence across the globe. Some 60% of project turnover is being realised outside of Europe. This percentage will further grow with the start-up of the CSi PAC’s.

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