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I would like to highlight the work of the execution and supervision team on site for the effort in redirecting on time the scheduled works, without disturbing the production of the factory. Great job! - 28 May 2018

The CSi organization was agile in meeting and exceeding the needs of us.  The Team worked in a highly collaborative manner and sent the best resources on site to execute.  This resulted in benchmark construction duration and an immediate start up. The ground Team provided training, flexing their schedule to meet the needs of our operators.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with this organization again. - 20 March 2018

The system has integrated very well and is very efficient. The CSi team were good. They listened to feedback from the client and took it into account with the new equipment.Very happy with CSi and the equipment and glad to pass that feedback back to the organisation. - 23 February 2018

Everything has gone very well. - 23 February 2018

First of all I'd like to thank whole CSi team for successful completion of installation and start-up phase. Currently the system is working stably and we are waiting for bigger production volume to demonstrate KPIs. - 16 February 2018

I am very satisfied about the job done by CSi and especially the great safe behavior of the people who came on site for installation and start of the line. - 22 December 2017

This was a challenging project for everyone. The tight timeline and strict requirements to handle the various loads made for some difficult engineering. The CSi project team certainly proved themselves to be professional throughout and delivered the system we needed. I fully recognize we/I can be very demanding and they did a good job,getting us what we were looking for as best they could under these difficult circumstances.
21 December 2017

Professional service including both project management and site delivery team. Meetings were well planned with a clear focus on tracking follow ups and CPS updates. Good understanding and adherence to our safety & quality principles whilst in both construction and commissioning phases. System now in production for almost two months with no major issues - 15 November 2017. 

Generally I have found CSi to be very helpful and all data supplied very informative. - 26 October 2017

It has been a pleasure working with CSi. They were very well organized and delivered the equipment on time.The tech who came to do the commissioning was very knowledgeable and professional.The CSi Auto Palletizer is working very well and we have no regrets. - 17 October 2017

Employees and projectleader are involved and flexible. - 10 October 2017

Very satisfied! - 17 August 2017

Very good work and support during the design phase of the project until finding the solution that satisfied our operational needs. We especially thank the installation team for the effort made until completing the work and monitoring the main issues detected during the start up looking for solutions to complete them. - 20 June 2017

All worked out well and we will work with CSi again as we are planning an expansion. - 11 May 2017

I want to share the excellent progress of the Auto Palletising system in our plant. From the pre-Christmas situation of being 3 weeks behind plan and looking at a potential delay effecting the launch of the new production line, we have turned this into running the system with live product and our operators in control a week ahead of plan.
The standard of the build and the attitude and commitment of the project team and on site has been excellent and we now look forward to the volume ramp up and solving the remaining communication issues with the site WMS system.
The progress post a “serious and difficult” review with your management pre-Christmas has been outstanding.
Please pass on my thanks to all the teams and let’s make sure we are as committed as ever as we bring in the high volume over the coming weeks. - 29 March 2017

We are very happy with the performance of the CSi team in this project, especially with the detailed way they approached the installation activities on site. Very good!
If we have future projects, we would be glad to have the same team on site. - 10 March 2017

In my experience we’ve always had a very good working relationship with CSi and always received very good project support. Our most recent project is fully meeting our business demand and reliability targets. We’re looking forward to future projects with confidence. - 23 February 2017

We had good challenges due to the first collaboration between CSi and us. The CSi project team were well organized and respected timing, cost and quality. Globally, it was a successful project.
Nowadays, the palletizer performs well (around 98% efficiency) but of course some improvement could/will be made. - 10 February 2017

Overall we are satisfied with your services and robot. - 10 February 2017

The palletiser is working well. There were some problems in the beginning with a brake. Immediately someone came out to fix the problem. We are very happy. - 23 December 2016

I personally rate CSi as one of our best installations and suppliers. It is a pleasure working with such a professional team of people. I can only say keep on doing what you do, it is great. - 7 December 2016

After a moving specification start, the works were executed in an effective manner. The relationship developed during the works had a direct impact on the installation and start up success. - 14 November 2016

It has been a pleasure working with CSi on a number of projects. The capability of CSi to deliver on the promised KPI's has always been exceptional, with great after sales support. - 14 November 2016

In terms of equipment delivery and start up support, it was VERY GOOD. Though some discussions on flexibility during some schedule change we were able to agree and meet both parties needs. Flexibility of CSI Foshan folks to help in troubleshooting even via wechat and on site is also very highly appreciated. - 20 October 2016

I just wanted to let you know that your employee was extremely beneficial this week, and did exceptional work.  He accomplished everything he came to resolve plus many other additional items including utilizing and assisting his colleague to resolve the Robotics issues.  Thank you for making this happen while he was still in the USA so we could take advantage of the cost savings.  I have enjoyed working with all of CSi’s employees; you have very qualified and motivated employees there. - 7 October 2016

Wir sind sehr zufrieden. Alle haben einen guten Job gemacht. Man hat die richtige Entscheidung getroffen. - 29 September 2016

Problems were solved effectively.
Initial problems were solved satisfactorily. - 28 September 2016

The system is good and works perfectly, currently all o.k. - 9 September 2016

The system is really good and easy to handle. We are very satisfied. - 4 August 2016

The machine is running now for a longer period and at the start we had some issues with the machine which were clarified at the beginning of the project and as far as I am aware its running well now. - 4 August 2016

In general the co-operation was good. There is a difference in the culture and project approach, this is what we felt during the project. On the floor, all went well. - 4 August 2016

The project had a very tight schedule, but both parties worked determined to keep up with it, and together we succeeded. Only a short snag list remained after SAT, and it was rapidly cleared by the CSi staff. - 21 July 2016

The system flexibility and performance achieved was excellent enabling KPI sign off within 1 week of start up. - 11 July 2016 

I just wanted to send a short note to say thank you for your colleague’s time that he has spent in Belleville.  I recognize that 3½ weeks away from his family and the CSi business is significant, but has been well worth the investment. With his help, we are now running pallets on our first 2 machines, and continuing to process through the small issues to make these machines reliable for production.
The CSi Romania employee is a very talented and knowledgeable person, with a great attitude and has worked very well with my team here in Belleville.
During our “farewell lunch” that we had for him today, he also learned about the Canadian tradition of wearing a Moose hat for celebration events .
Thanks again. - 24 June 2016

There were some issues before installation that were resolved very efficiently. Everything working perfectly with 100% efficiency. The guys were professional and gave a very good service and showed a very good example of how to achieve the business goals. Also I advertise the system and CSi company to the top managers and engineers in Europe and agreed that this system will be purchased in future by our company. We have this system on site and the engineers who are responsible for new projects will certainly include CSi tenders who have advantages for such systems as the system is already working in the company. - 8 June 2016

All looks good. - 8 June 2016

The system is fine and working as described. It is successful with no issues. Basically jobs are done in an efficient way. CSi managed the installation well. Project goals have been met, all online all the time. CSi are there at the moment working on an additional project. If we were not satisfied then this would not be the case. - 18 May 2016

Very good cooperation during installation and reactivity by technical team. Thanks for that. - 14 April 2016

The technology of the equipment is excellent and works well. - 12 April 2016

- Working with additional quality assurance steps.
- Strong relationship building, easy to talk to, data based and can understand issues and actions needed.
- Capacity is fully achieved.
12 April 2016

I want to express my sincere thanks to you personally and to CSi for the commitment and cooperation in developing the Central Palletizing program.  This would not have been possible without CSi, and this award is as much CSi’s as it is ours.  It was specifically mentioned CSi’s investment in PAC Mexico, standardization of specifications and the bundling of projects as the keys to success. 
I know we still have more to do, but it is nice to be recognized for the work that we both have done. 
31 March 2016 

We are really satisfied with our 03 CSi palletizing system acquired. The timeline, technical support and assembling has happened according to plan. We recommend the CSi palletizing system to other projects inside Pepsico plants. - 4 March 2016

- Strong technical collaboration between CSi and the customer,
  who was responsible to deliver some parts of the design (unusual set-up)
- Professional and structured project management
- Very competent, responsive and flexible technical support
- Safe behaviour
1 February 2016

Excellent relation between companies after a lot of years working together. - 29 January 2016 

Care is ok. Engineers on site are good. Machine works as expected. - 23 December 2015

Happy with system, and would like everything to continue. - 23 December 2015

Zunächst einmal möchte ich mich im Namen meiner Kollegen unseres Werks bei Ihnen für den hervorragenden Support bedanken! CSi hat sehr schnell und professionell reagiert was dazu führte, dass der Palettierer zügig repariert und wieder in Betrieb genommen werden konnte. Vielen Dank an alle Ihrer Kollegen, die daran mitgewirkt haben! - 22 December 2015

CSi has exceeded my expectations and projects can’t get any better than this.  The way Simba has been dealt with by CSi is the benchmark for all future projects and your competition can only learn from this. - 22 December 2015

Our team is very happy working with the CSi team during project technical discussion, project scheduling and implementation. Especially the CSi project manager shows very positive behaviour to solve the problems. Thanks. - 21 December 2015

Staff, timing, HSE and flexibility have been very good. The project team have been very accommodating and supporting our business needs on daily basis.  A good example of working as one team! - 14 December 2015

 CSi has been an excellent company to develop and create a good solution together in recent projects applied. - 7 December 2015

We are satisfied with overall CSi solution. - 7 December 2015 

Most of the time customers feedback are complaints. But sometimes it`s time to spend applause. I thank you for  the very good preparation and your ersonnel service in front of the job. Over the complete time I had the feeling, that I have competent partners at my side. The job was done during the weekend nearly exact as planned. The Start-Up was running without any failures. Many thanks to Rene for the excellent teamwork together with my technicians. - 31 August 2015

Our Lead-line Team with several Key Leaders is very happy. For a development lead-line, this is quite a feat.This is a whole team effort, but I would like to share our thanks for CSi in stepping up in ensuring we are operational during this visit. We delivered the stretch plan, full scope and passed success criteria. The Sunday start of VAT, daily calls, detailed tracking and full resourcing paid off. It was a super smooth start-up for a Lead-line. Now, we are confident to roll out the Program. - 6 August 2015

This project was exceptionally well handled and delivered. - 20 July 2015

I would like to take a minute of your time to tell how impressed I was with your Engineer. He was very professional, courteous and very easy to work with. It is too soon to evaluate the i-Pal because our production machine is not running on 100% yet. - 25 June 2015

I was very impressed with the service as well as the performance of the equipment. - 26 May 2015

Work completed on schedule, work standards are good, house keeping to good standards. Safety followed with 2 minor issues that were resolved. Quality of conveyors also good. - 7 April 2015

Nothing to add as all good. - 7 April 2015

My special Thanks and Congratulations for: P5 Engineering Team, Operation Team, Warehouse team (for the support during construction). - 2 March 2015

Excellent work! Great to see that commissioning is going flawless and the new Palletizer up and running. Let’s keep it up to deliver ISU!! - 27 February 2015

Happy with performance and service of CSi, both for this project and previous projects. - 10 February 2015

Installation was very good. We are waiting to see the effect of this, but are satisfied with everything so far.      12 January 2015

Mit ihren starken Fähigkeiten im Bereich Professionalität, Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit und Innovationsfähigkeit hat CSi es wieder einmal geschafft eine exzellente Leistung zu erbringen. - 23 December 2014

Overall happy with the system. - 4 December 2014

Project went very well. - 4 December 2014

Professional team. Good quality. Close follow up of team. Little bit expensive. - 4 December 2014

Ich möchte mich im Namen aller Teilnehmer nochmal ganz herzlich für
das tolle Seminar bedanken .
Der Schulungsinhalt wurde auch sehr gut vermittelt ! ( Danke )
Jeder von uns hatte somit die Möglichkeit einiges aus dem Hause CSi
an Gedankengut mitzunehmen , aber auch einiges über das Land der
Fertigung parallel zu erfahren .
Einfach nur Spitze !!!!
Vielen Dank !! - 19 November 2014

CSi is well organised and competent enough in terms of technical background and staff to handle major projects. - 4 November 2014

Throughout our company we don’t have much automation in our factories, but this is one of the best machines I have seen in operation. As Factory Engineer, I am exceptionally happy. - 7 October 2014

Excellent commitment and follow up of the project. - 6 October 2014

"Hereby we would like to thank you for the welcome during our visit earlier this week. We got a positive impression about the professional team that worked on the machine. In all disciplines, mechanical, electrical and software the technicians did a really good job. Especially the assistance from one of your assembly workers made the team, us included, a professional team.
We see a great cooperation for our companies in the future."-12 September 2014

"The amount of changes you brought into our production lines in a so short period of time with minimal disruption to the operation and “touch and improve” mindset is outstanding.
The standards in the zone are now at a completely different level and we are setup to the desired deliveries.
Many thanks to all of you for your engagement, perseverance, rigor and collaborative approach. You can be very proud of the achievement!
Please keep the same rigor in ensuring all remaining items of the issue-list are executed with excellence and to capture the learning for the coming projects.
This is to confirm you the end of all the connections.
The story has begun in November 2013 with all the Palletizer relocations, new end of line layout… and has continued with all the CSI connections in the middle of June. On top of that, 2 stretch-wrappers were moved and restarted with the connections.
All this was done with one unique CPS, no delay of the project." - 4 September 2014

"The equipment supplied was well designed and built to a high standard of quality. The installation work was carried out on site to a very high standard by very effective and professional engineers. In summary, a very good project which was well executed from start to finish. Thanks." - 1st August 2014

"We appreciate your  professional service which you provided when installing and commissioning the i-Pal robots at our plant. The new robotics cells are helping us to eliminate many of the ergonomics issues we were experiencing with manual palletisation. We believe in open and honest relationships with your company and look forward to our further cooperation." - 24th April 2014

"Thank you very much for this job well done." - 2nd April 2014

"1st project implemented at this location using CSi. There were a number of learnings such as Training and Commissioning Plans. However overall the project seemed to be delivered professionally." - 1st April 2014

"Very well planned, organized, lead and controlled project with excellent site supervision and project management." - 27th February 2014

"Very reliable and professional system that performs exceptionally well." - 3rd February 2014

"Timing for the project was really challenging and CSI managed to do it. For the technical part itself, everything is running well." - 9th January 2014

"I would buy again at CSi. I will recommend CSi within our company group and also outside our group." - 27th December 2013

"I am satisfied with the performance of the system. I hope it will continue to satisfy our production colleagues in the future running." - 17th December 2013

"Excellent, professional service with good flow of information at all times." - 2nd December 2013

"Very reliable and professional system that performs exceptionally well." - 29th November 2013

Reaction of the plant manager: "We are extremely satisfied with the performance of CSi. In particular the fact that we almost didn't notice the project being executed was characteristic for the way in which this project was realised.
We had a certain fear of the fact that many activities had to be carried out during production time and we had counted for a lot more downtime. Because of the professional execution this project has been a major success for the Ede plant, especially with regard to time scheduling, quality and budget as well as the co-operation with CSi." - 10th October 2013

"From my point of view this project was successful, the whole project team was professional, reliable and it was fun to work together with CSi." - 10th September 2013

"The planning and installation team is very flexible and customer oriented. Very good cooperation during the whole project." -22nd July 2013

"Thank you again for the kindly cooperation over the past years, very good support and assistance provided.
Hope to collaborate also well in the future." -15th July 2013

"It was a good experience to work with your engineers. I believe that they are very capable engineers and they made it easy to feel comfortable working with them.
I was very pleased to work with both of them on the many times they came to support us. We worked as a team the whole time.
I highly recommend those two for whatever project you have out there." -13th June 2013

"We are very satisfied and will buy the next (2) systems during the next 12 months for the plant Osterweddingen." - 30th April 2013

"We are very satisfied. For sure, we will come back to CSi, when we have the next project." - 30th April 2013

"The plant is very pleased with the performance of the site team which made more than 8000 hours on site without any remark, incident or dangerous situation. The system is now running without any major problems which makes it a very nice result. The customer thinks this is a remarkable performance for such a difficult project !"- 11th April 2013

"I just wanted to let you know that the easter move went without incident.
Whilst (Controls) had a boring day without needing to adjust anything, I would like to let you know that your guy was particularly excellent in the work he carried out. He carried out the conveyor length change in the workshop in a tidy safe manner, and once re-installed, stayed on late to make sure the belt tracked correctly.
Many thanks to you and your team." - 2nd April 2013

"With this new 2nd foil wrapper and the new S7 PLC automation part we will be able to achieve a 100%  reliability of the foil wrapper system. Therefore production will not have any disturbance when one of the foil wrappers is out of order." - 7th February 2013

"Excellent partnership & relations during the whole project. The implementation on site was well supervised for a perfect start-up. Well done!" - 1st February 2013

“We have been working with CSi for many years now and are impressed by CSi’s professional project approach, from sales to hand-over. The co-operation of CSi, installing the system at Amiens under production circumstances, was highly appreciated.
The combination of high quality system equipment and committed people make this company successful.”

"This morning we have the start-up of the bufferdecks & palletizer and all the peripheral conveyors. The result is TERRIFIC !!!! Everything is working perfectly according to our expectations. I can tell you that all the project associates inclusive management team & European engineering team are impressed by functioning, the quality & how fast your team has started everything. Even we still are in the start-up at the moment because we need a few shifts to be completely sure ourselves. We still can be very happy about that fabulous achievement.
My thanks go to the whole CSI team: well done !!!!"

 There were some issues before installation that were resolved very efficiently. Everything working perfectly with 100% efficiency. The guys were professional and gave a very good service and showed a very good example of how to achieve the business goals. Also I advertise the system and CSi company to the top managers and engineers in Europe and agreed that this system will be purchased in future by our company. We have this system on site and the engineers who are responsible for new projects will certainly include CSi tenders who have advantages for such systems as the system is already working in the company.

Through our finance division, CSi financial services, many projects have been delivered based on lease arrangements and not direct purchase contracts. Thus giving our customers more flexibility in the way projects are procured and requiring less capital outlay. CSi Financial Services provide a range of financial solutions, from operational leasing of a simple i-Pal end of line robotic palletiser, to financial lease of more complicated automated materials handling systems.

Even performance contracts are possible where CSi takes full responsibility for the performance and the output of the system.

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For our customers it is of critical importance that each part and component of their materials handling system is full time operational. Stops due to break downs or maintenance are undesirable. At the same time the total cost of operation and maintenance should be reduced to a minimum to optimise return on investment.

For our customers to achieve these goals, CSi lifecycle services offers a full range of services to cover all your needs during the total life cycle of your materials handling equipment.

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Standardisation enables CSi to deliver palletisers with virtually no engineering. Therefore production and assembly can take place in CSi’s Romanian factory where CSi’s high quality standards are maintained and costs are kept to a minimum. During installation and commissioning the use of standardised modules results in a short and reliable installation time on site.

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For over 45 years CSi has been at the forefront of palletising technology. Therefore CSi today is one of Europe's leading materials handling companies, specialized in end of line packing and palletising systems. We have a wide range of palletising technology at our fingertips, from simple robot palletising cells to our fastest and most sophisticated multi-load palletising machine, C5000.

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