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The most flexible way of using palletising equipment is through CSi's i-Rent. Based on an ongoing contract, only the three month termination period has to be taken into consideration. Traditionally, rental contracts have been associated with equipment like forklifts etc. However, CSi's efforts to standardise its palletising solutions has opened up the world of automated palletising systems to all.

i-Rent is an ideal solution for those situations where:

  • there is no certainty regarding investment possibilities;
  • the effectiveness of an automatic palletiser has to be proven to the organisation;
  • production seasonality makes it harder to consider long term investments in automation.

The ease at which the i-Pal can be removed at the end of the rental period makes it an ideal product to rent under a CSi i-Rent contract. You do not have to worry about maintenance, as it is included in the rental amount.