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Pallet transport

The importance of pallet handling equipment should never be underestimated, as in most cases it provides the backbone to any automated materials handling solution. CSi prides itself on having a standardised and modular pallet handling range of equipment developed over the last 45 years.

Robust design and modular controls ensures that all CSi pallet-handling solutions offer the best quality systems at the most affordable price. Our reputation for providing long lasting pallet handling equipment is well known and all CSi pallet handling modules such as roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars, elevators and turntables, meet the stringent quality and reliability standards demanded by our customers. With integrated labelling and barcode equipment CSi guarantees the highest levels of tracking & tracing.

Many of our pallet handling references are over 20 years old and serve as an industry benchmark for quality and reliability throughout the FMCG and distribution world. 

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