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CSi palletising since 1964

With its roots in Rotterdam, CSi has been in business since 1964! Originally as a small conveyor supplier. The company grew and eventually became part of the Swedish PLM-group in the 1970s.
During the 1980s it became an independent company, until it was bought by Stork. After several attempts to restructure the Stork Group, there was a management buyout and from 2001 onwards CSi became an independent company again.

The organisation has been around for a long time but still has unexplored paths before it, making it an exciting place to work. CSi palletising accredits on the following for its continued success:

  • Passionate people with a flexible attitude
  • Teamwork for delivering the best machines with the team
  • Innovative techniques for developing a progressive organisation
  • Open culture

The world
of CSi


Is the key element to help our customers in their goals to create higher throughputs and higher efficiency. Based on our exquisite know-how and constantly investing in new technologies CSi palletising is the partner for future success.


Our policy is simple – to actively reduce the negative effects that result from all areas of our operation, from initial concept engineering and then throughout the entire life cycle of our services and equipment. We also work hard collaborating with our customers, helping them to achieve their national and international sustainability objectives when purchasing our services and materials handling equipment

Health & Safety.

As a global leader in palletising solutions, our no-compromise approach in complying fully with all current health and safety legislation and in providing top quality on-site health and safety coordination is very much appreciated by our customers.

CSi is a special place

Everyone who meets our employees experiences this, especially when visiting one of our sites. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and our ability to successfully work with demanding multinationals around the world.

We also take great pride however in the fact that we are a “family type” of organisation. The personal wellbeing, collegiality and development of our employees are key.

CSi employees have a great amount of freedom when it comes to how they work. They therefore take on the responsibility that is needed in order to be successful. A passion for technology and innovation, with a desire to create perfect solutions is what drives most of our people.

We can sometimes be a bit nerdy, but we adjust quickly to new situations and always strive to satisfy our customers. That is CSi.

Jan de Bruijn 

CEO CSi Group

Installed base

We installed turnkey solutions all over the world.

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