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Vacuum robot gripper

Palletising systems save time and eliminate the need for heavy manual palletising activities at the end of the packing line and can therefore provide a very significant return on investment. Palletising machine types vary with some systems being custom-built and others being of a more standard configuration. All systems will typically include fully automated empty pallet handling and layer sheet application and also automatic stretch wrapping possibilities.

For over 45 years CSi has been at the forefront of palletising technology. Therefore CSi today is one of Europe's leading materials handling companies, specialized in end of line packing and palletising systems. Having a wide range of palletising technology at our fingertips, from simple robot palletising cells like our i-Pal concept, to our fastest and most sophisticated multi-load palletising machine, the C5000, ensures that we always design the best possible solution. Robust construction, intelligent controls, ease of operation and low maintenance are the main design benefits you get with all CSi machines. 


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