CSi is your partner and expert in palletizing

With more 60 years of experience, CSi is the global expert in the field of intelligent product handling. We are a loyal partner who designs, produces, supplies, installs and optimizes fully integrated palletizer systems for you. Together with our customers all over the world, we find solutions using our professional project management and our optimal customer focus. Major market leaders in the “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” (FMCG) industry work with CSi systems.

You want to organize product processing within your company as quickly, efficiently, safely and cost-effectively as possible. You therefore want to have the automation of product flows, transport and palletization of your products properly arranged. CSi designs transport systems that form the link between production packaging lines and palletizers.

A wide range of End of Line or multi-line palletizing technologies are available. Please click on one of the product links below, where you will find more information on our website:

In addition, all CSi solutions provide the best pallet handling components. All pallet handling modules, such as roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars, lifts and turntables, exceed the highest quality and reliability standards set by our customers.

Our MOre software is groundbreaking. It provides all the data you need, exactly the way you want it, when you need it. MOre can completely close the information gap between your IT systems and factory floor controls.

Finally, CSi palletizing offers dedicated service teams for customers all over the world. If you have any problems with your installation and technical support, the CSi helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Why palletize?

Our systems save time, eliminate heavy labor at the end of the packaging process, reduce labor costs & personnel requirements, ensure high pallet density and therefore lower transport costs. A CSi palletizer offers a significant return on investment. The systems can also palletize 24 hours a day.

palletiser systemen, palletiseren

Why choose a palletizer from CSi palletizing?

A typical palletizer system comes with the following features:

low floor capacity

extremely reliable operation with an availability of 99% or higher

robust technology, proven during 24-hour operation

high quality components, used with a standard 3-year warranty

low energy consumption

good accessibility to all parts

very low noise level

low service and maintenance costs

highest safety level (Performance Level D)

high degree of flexibility

automatic and simple palletizing cartridge change

z very clear menu-driven operation via touchscreen

short installation and commissioning period required

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