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Case Transport

Case Transport Line

The design and manufacturing of conveyor systems for secondary packed goods is what CSi palletising specializes in. Our strengths lie in either designing standard modular systems and/or a more customised conveyor solution.

Our complete turnkey approach to material handling systems allows us to design conveyor systems which provide the vital link between the production packing lines and downstream case handling systems, such as automated palletising machines.

At CSi palletising, we have a vast variety of equipment that we offer. From standard belt conveyors, roller conveyors, case accumulation conveyors, case elevators and sorters to the more specialist conveyor types, such as zone accumulation conveyor and tote handling systems.


Palletising Solutions

Palletising solutions

Since 1964 CSi has been at the forefront of palletising technology. CSi palletising has a wide range of palletising technology at our fingertips, from simple robot palletising cells, to our fastest and most sophisticated multi-load palletising machines. This ensures that we always design the best possible solution. Robust construction, intelligent controls, ease of operation and low maintenance are some of the main design benefits that you get with all CSi machines.


Pallet Handling

Pallet handling

Robust design and modular controls ensures that all CSi pallet-handling solutions offer the best quality systems at the most affordable price.

Our reputation is well known for providing long lasting pallet handling equipment. All CSi pallet handling modules such as roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars, elevators and turntables, meet the stringent quality and reliability standards demanded by our customers. With integrated labelling and barcode equipment, CSi guarantees the highest levels of tracking & tracing.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

More software solution

The MOre software suite helps CPG companies to increase their productivity and get maximum performance out of their product handling and internal logistics systems. The focus of the supply chain is to have good quality products delivered on time in a safe manner and against the lowest cost. MOre helps you to do this in the best possible way. It provides you with all the required data, presented to you just the way you want it, at the time you want it. With MOre you can fully close the information gap between your IT systems and your factory floor controls.

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