c-Pal – Our Collaborative Robot Palletising cell allows for this cell to be safety fence free and easily fit onto the end of your line.

Floor space is reduced by 50%, compared to an industrial robot cell. Furthermore, it is quick to install, easy to operate and safe. After securing the skid, connecting the compressed air and the 230V, the robot is ready for stacking following your production line.


  • ideally suited as an “End-of Line Solution”
  • compact (Footprint <4m2)
  • high ROI and low operating costs
  • no fencing necessary thanks to force sensors in all joints
  • programmed according to the ISO / TS-15066 standard
  • low energy consumption
  • collaborating with operators
  • the mobile palletising c-Pal is modular and easy to move
  • fast installation (<4 hours)
  • fast delivery
  • read out faults via Remote Support Router
  • because the robot is cooperating, the pallet can be changed without having to stop the robot
  • teaching or programming the robot is not necessary



  • magazine insert sheet above the transport conveyor boxes
  • automatic lift unit under the robot to stack pallets up to 2000 mm (depending on stacking pattern and box dimensions)

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