Robot palletising cell

case palletiser robot
i-Pal – The i-Pal is a family of compact palletising cells for installation at the end of a production or packaging line, the base unit consists of a spherical robot, a pick-point and gripper installed on a skid.
  • Fully automatic, it Includes automatic de-stacking of pallets and a slip sheet magazine.
  • A standard 3 year warranty comes with every cell.
  • With its universal gripper the i-Pal palletising unit can handle a very wide range of products and stacking patterns.
  • By supporting products from the bottom, ultra-reliable product handling is guaranteed.
  • Equipped with pallet conveyors to enable automatic pallet exchange.
  • The pallet conveyors are installed at floor level to enable the supply of empty pallets and discharge of loaded pallets by means of a fork lift, hand pallet lifter or automatic guided vehicle.
  • Can easily integrate a stretch wrapper into the cell
  • With Patternware, it can easily create and load new pallet patterns directly to the cell.
  • The i-Pal can handle up to 24 products per minute.
  • Has the ability to run a wide variety of trays, cases, boxes, and packages.

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