Multi-Line/Multi Load Palletising

This arrangement is designed to cater for the larger production facilities.

It is chosen either because there is simply no room in the production hall for dedicated palletisers, or that there are too many production lines to be palletised at once and dedicated machines would take up a disproportionate amount of floor space.

Multi Load systems are designed to accumulate and palletise a range of products from a number of production lines and consist of dedicated buffer lanes, each lane being at least the length of a complete pallet load, and a number of high-speed palletisers. Buffer lane lengths are designed to accumulate the product that creates the longest continuous length of product when touching, case-to-case. High-speed palletisers then palletise each lane of product, one after another, as each buffer lane reaches the required number of cases to form one complete pallet load.

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