A high-level infeed layer palletiser, with its high running speed it is well suited for end-of-line and centralized multi-load applications

  • High performance layer palletiser that can handle up to 140 cases/minute.
  • Most functions completely controlled through the use of servo drives.
  • Low energy consumption, consumes up to 3 times less spare parts than comparable systems.
  • Pre-formed layers using the servo drives which allows for fast speeds and the ability to palletise almost any size/form of product in any pattern.
  • Can be supplied with slipsheet applicator, empty pallet destacker, label orientation, layer centering device, and remote diagnostics, which are a few of the many available features.
  • Real time monitoring of the machine and the product can be done by CSi’s SCADA system.
  • With Patternware, it can easily create and load new pallet patterns.

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