Frozen Food

CSi understands the unique challenges that come with handling and distributing frozen food products

That’s why we offer state-of-the-art palletising solutions specifically designed to streamline and enhance the palletisation process for frozen food items.

Frozen food includes but is not limited to frozen fruits, vegetables, seafood, frozen dinners, pizzas, lasagnas, frozen bread, pastries, ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen snacks.

In the realm of frozen food distribution, precision and care are paramount. Palletising, the art of strategically arranging and stacking frozen products cases onto pallets, plays a pivotal role in maintaining product integrity and optimizing logistical efficiency. At CSi, we have honed this art to perfection, offering cutting-edge palletising solutions tailored specifically for the unique demands of frozen food. Palletising frozen food requires a delicate balance between efficiency and precision.

We understand that frozen food demands a controlled environment to retain its freshness. Our palletising solutions are engineered to operate seamlessly within cold storage facilities, ensuring that the temperature-sensitive nature of frozen products is never compromised during the palletisation process. The user-friendly interface allows for easy setup, configuration, and monitoring of the palletising process. Minimal training is required, empowering your team to operate the system with confidence.

Time is of the essence in frozen food distribution. CSi offers a synergy of speed and accuracy, significantly reducing labour hours and human error. This efficiency translates to quicker turnaround times, increased throughput, and ultimately, enhanced customer satisfaction.

Case stories

A cool solution: automatic palletising at -25˚C

Our customer stocks and delivers a wide variety of frozen vegetables.

Together with the customer a highly complex but very flexible system was implemented in freezing conditions. Read all about it in our case story.

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