Meat & Poultry

We know that maximizing uptime through high system availability is critical for fresh goods. Therefore, we guarantee equally high machine performance

Meat and poultry include but are not limited to beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, veal, duck, goat, game meat, processed meat products, organ meats, specialty cuts and products.

CSi’s palletising systems offer several advantages to the meat and poultry industry, contributing to operational efficiency, product safety, and overall supply chain management. Given the perishable nature of meat and poultry products, proper palletising becomes crucial in ensuring that products are handled, stored, and transported effectively.

The meat and poultry industry has strict hygiene and safety requirements to prevent contamination and ensure food safety. CSi’s experience in equal circumstances guarantees proper palletising, as a result of which the risk of cross-contamination is reduced by keeping different products separated and organized. It can also prevent damage to packaging that could lead to exposure of the product.

From central, high capacity, palletising to efficient end-of-line palletising and all connected functions like conveying cases and pallets, wrapping, labelling and automatic truck loading, CSi can deliver it. Many customers in different countries around the world have experienced CSi’s expertise. The systems are known for their high availability and low maintenance costs.

Just as important for us and our customers, is our contribution to a green world. CSi guarantees an optimal use of packaging materials, conscious use of materials and processes, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing waste.

Palletising offers a range of advantages to the meat and poultry industry, contributing to the efficient handling, storage, and distribution of perishable products. By implementing effective palletising practices, meat and poultry companies can enhance their operational efficiency, maintain product quality, and ensure compliance with food safety standards.

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