Potato Products

We all know that French fries are the most popular potato product. In addition, a wide variety of products can be made from potatoes. Most of these are produced in a cold environment. An environment that calls for a specific palletising solution

Potato products include but are not limited to all kinds of frozen potato products, such as French fries, potato wedges, twisters, mashed potatoes, hash browns, rösti, potato slices.

CSi loves potato products! So we make sure that we offer our customers in that industry the best palletising solution for the environment potato products are made in. And of course the high reliability factor and a short pay-back time make it clear that the CSi systems are your best choice.

The potato products industry has embraced various technologies to streamline the palletizing process. The production environment of potato products requires specific solutions. CSi has ample know how in these technologies and has extensive experience with international manufacturers.

In the dynamic potato products industry, palletising has become an indispensable process for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. By implementing advanced technologies and automated systems, companies can achieve higher efficiency, enhance product quality, and streamline their supply chain operations. As the demand for potato products continues to grow globally, investing in efficient palletising processes will be crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market and meeting consumer expectations.

CSi know better than anyone how to convert the required significant upfront investment into long-term cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced product quality by offering the right palletising solutions. By using our TAROS layer palletiser, we create a flexible palletising solution.

Case stories

Showcase project in stacking potato products

The standard in the potato products industry used to be to transport all cases to one central area and use high capacity palletisers to do the stacking.

Although this is a good solution from technological viewpoint, the most important downside is the heavy dependency on a few pieces of equipment. Read about CSi’s solution in our case story.

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