Home care

Our system is capable of handling a wide range of sizes, reducing primary and secondary packaging, and providing specific requirements for in-store displays.

This includes but is not limited to all-purpose cleaners, specialized cleaners (glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc.), paper towels, anti-bacterial wipes, bleach, spray bottles with and without product, dish soap, laundry soap, garbage bags, air fresheners.

The home care industry is as important as the personal care industry for CSi. The largest producers in this sector are using CSi equipment in several of their factories around the world. All of the systems are famous because of the very high reliability and low maintenance cost. Once CSi has realized a system in a plant, the customer does not want other systems any more.

The variety of products in the home care sector is huge. From very small single products to packed or wrapped bundles of products and everything in between. The in depth knowledge and experience of CSi guarantees that the best solution is found in every situation. Because CSi has the whole range of possible palletising and conveying alternatives in its own house, every thinkable solution can be designed and realized. Solutions not only require an intelligent lay-out and adequate equipment, also software controls are crucial for success.

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