Wet Pet Food

Palletising is of significant importance in the wet pet food industry, same as in the dry pet food industry. While wet pet food has different characteristics and challenges compared to dry pet food, effective palletizing remains a critical aspect of the production and distribution processes

Wet pet food includes but is not limited to pâté, mousse and small chunks in sauce or gravy. Wet pet food is packaged in cans, pouches, or alu trays that are more susceptible to damage from stacking or mishandling. Proper palletising ensures that the packaging remains intact, preventing leaks, dents, or punctures that could compromise the product’s quality and safety. That is where CSi comes in, with palletising experience since the 1960s.

Effective palletising, including the use of automated systems, reduces the need for excessive manual labor during handling and distribution. This leads to cost savings and more streamlined operations. It can also contribute to sustainability efforts by optimizing the use of packaging materials and minimizing waste, helping the industry reduce its environmental impact.

CSi has supplied many large multi load systems, as well as lean robotic palletising systems in the FMCG industry worldwide and knows that palletising plays a critical role in the wet pet food industry by ensuring efficient handling, storage, and distribution of products. By employing effective palletising practices, the industry can maintain product quality, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency, all while meeting the demands of retailers and consumers for safe and well-presented wet pet food products.

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